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Motivation and praise with accountability

Therefore, Armin Cruz employs a theory of engagement, balancing motivation and praise with accountability. To hone his team with the ideas and tools for success he further elaborates the model with informal mentorships to close any performance, development, or engagement gaps.  Armin j Cruz receives various sales records in these positions as well as winning several sales blitzes, some of which extend past the immediate division and included other divisions ranked nationally.

Armin Cruz as a Team Leader

Armin Cruz as a Team Leader/Senior Mortgage Loan Officer created an origibla technique to drive performance across the team, ultimately leading to the team’s success and profitability. ArminCruz developed a voluntary mentorship program, meeting bi-weekly.  The topics, initially, focused on sales performance.  They ranged from overcoming objections, to closing the deal as well as follow up routines.  Armin engineered boiler plate designs that can be customized to each loan scenario and customer to reduce time and increase productivity.  The result was an increase in the team’s sales performance, and reduction of non-performers (defined as bottom 25%). Eliminating the bottom 25% of performers, by promoting their knowledge and skillset catapulted the team to top rankings in the division in less than 60 days.  Subsequent to this performance, Armin j cruz was again promoted to the role of Officer, Banking Center Manager.